Valmiera is the leading manufacturer of High Silica fabric in the world.

High silica fabric is produced by leaching special E-Glass fabric with soft acid. Our fabric has 96% silica and also Aluminum Oxide (Al?O?) - 3.5 +/- 0.5% to enhance temperature resistance and make the fabric very soft (special properties). High Silica fabrics can be used over a long period without losing the properties and without melting & vaporising at temperatures of up to 1000ºC.

High Silica fabric is available with/without vermiculite coating, heat- treated and mass per unit area 180 to 1100 g/m2 .

Shrinkage at temperature of 1000°C:     

  • Non-heat-treated materials 12% (+/-1%)
  • Heat-treated fabrics (TA), depending on the treatment regime, from 1% to 3%.

Application Areas:     

  • Insulation and protection applications, such as sealing, packaging, protective screens.
  • Drop cloth for welding and fire curtains.
  • Reinforcement for acid resistant composites.
  • Filtration of molten metal and furnace exhaust, etc.
  • Exhaust Systems for Automobiles.