Glass Fibre Mats are made of alkali-free alumina borosilicate E-type glass fibre yarns with a filament diameter of 6 to 13 µm and a length of the cut fibre of 30 to 100 mm without any bonding agent. Glass fibre mats are environment-friendly, recyclable, and incombustible, meeting the requirements of DIN 4102.

The Glass Fibre Mats are available in thickness of 3-25mm and mass per unit area 450 to 4500 g/m2. This fibre glass mat can be used as heat insulating material in application upto 600°C. The standard width available is 100cm and upto 200cm wide mats are available upon customer’s request.


  • Automotive (motor house, floor).
  • Shipbuilding (walls, ceilings, piping insulation).
  • Carriage (piping insulation).
  • Building (heat insulation).
  • Household goods (heat insulation).
  • Power plants (turbine insulation).
  • Automobile exhaust systems.