C. Cramer & Co. is a group with some of the richest and most pioneering History in the industry.

Founded and established in Heek-Germany, in 1947, they are one of the oldest manufacturers of High Tech Industrial Textiles in the world.

With this wealth of experience, Quality Certifications of ISO9001, ISO9100 & EN50001:2011, Manufacturing Sites in Germany and the USA, with a collective Workforce of 350 and a variety of products with more than 2000 different Fabrics, they stand today as synonymous to leadership in Innovation, Quality and Reliability in Carbon Composites for general purpose and specialized use.

Their Products have earned global respect, establishing them as preferred suppliers to end-users in over 50 countries, across a cross-section of Industries and applications.
These include Architecture, Automotive, Filtration, Aerospace, Medicine, Marine, Recreation, Tooling, Industrial, Renewable energies & solutions for special applications.
Endorsing their philosophy of Innovation and Development, is a unique Design and Development studio that samples new developments, of even very small quantity production.

The range of the CCC Group includes, along with other Speciality Fabrics, critical Composite Products like Carbon, Aramid, Dyneema, Polyester, Diolen, Kevlar, Nomex and Twaron, with the Fabrics made from Yarns sourced from the best suppliers.
The range of their Hybrid Fabrics include ‘Carbon – Aramid’, ‘Carbon – Glass’ and ‘Carbon – Polyethylene’ Fabrics.
The Fabrics, of 550-1000 g/m2, are woven in different weave patterns from Carbon Fibres between 1K-50K

Their premium Product line offers the end-user, High quality Multi-Axial, Unidirectional and Non-Crimp Fabrics for Composite applications.
The non-crimp Fabrics come in the form of Multi-Axial Fabrics with various orientations across the layers and a resultant enhancement of the Mechanical properties.
The Bi-Axial, Tri-Axial and Quad-Axial are variants that are very well known and accepted in the Industry.

The Unidirectional Fabrics, a new High performance premium range of Fabrics, are characterized by their high surface coverage and strength combined with reduced crimp.

Given the major advantage of cost reduction they bring, the Spread Tow Fabrics characterized by their surface coverage, are being increasingly used in the country.
The underlying Technology allows lower filament count fibre to be replaced by higher filament count Fibre, while maintaining the lower weight.
(Eg : A 200g/m2 fabric with 12k fiber can be used in place of 3k fiber, thus reducing the cost).

Also in the Product range- with their inherent improved Cutting, Stamping & ‘Preform’ features- are the Fabrics with Thermoplastic coating and Powdered Thermosets.

C.Cramer & Co.